forex autopilots
Forex Autopilot software has been executing so many successful trades in the recent history, that some brokers have been put to shame by its results. In this economy it is becoming harder and harder to make a buck.  That’s why geniuses like Marcus Leary and Jason Kelly have come up with software applications that make money for you.  Some of them have proven to be extremely successful in doubling your account balance in just two short weeks (regardless of the balance)! And it can do it over and over again!  Others (likeForex Ambush 2.0) are proven to have a 100% success rate. The most exiting news is that the extraordinary results are generated without requiring any trading experience from the user.  Forex Autopilot software works best in EUR-USD currency pair, but it’s been proven to work quite well with others. Once you open a live account with your broker, you simply attach the robot to the currency pair of your choice, and it will execute and close the trades automatically, generating profits while you watch your account grow. If you are new to currency trading, you will also need to know which broker and platform to use. Some of the most user-friendly and broker-recommended platforms are Meta Trader 4, and Forex Ambush 2.0, which are free PC-based forex systems.  All of the forex robots below work on highly recommended platforms, and all of them provide free downloads.  Those of you who are new to Forex Autopilot software can use a Demo Account to test-drive the robot in real-life action. This is particularly helpful when dealing on unfamiliar territory. The robot does not recognize whether the account is a Demo or Live, and you can follow its steps to see how much money you would make. After you are satisfy with the results, you can easily open a Live account and switch over. After studying many different Forex Autopilot robots, I have come up with a list of three top ranking tools.  Feel free to visit the websites listed below for extensive information on each of the top three robots on the market.

The FAP turbo also known as the Forex autopilot was developed by Marcus Leary. The Forex autopilot is automated software that was designed to help the trading practices of the Forex market. Many people sing in praise for this robot because of its efficiency in the trading circuit. The FAP turbo assists you in managing trading portfolio. With the help of the auto pilot much of the work based on the predictions are ruled out. Although there is a lot of hype surrounding the robot praising it as one of the best, does this actually hold true? Does it live up to its expectations?
The Forex autopilot has revealed itself to be a user friendly type of software. While many robots claim this fact the FAPTurbo can be adjusted to suit the individual needs. Each trader has his own trading strategy and their risk tolerance also varies accordingly. You are sure to lose a great deal of money if you are not compatible with your system and put in that extra amount of work needed. No software program guarantees 100% success if the user does not know the basic operations of the system. Even the most advanced automatic trading robot cannot stand by your side at this case. It is very important for the trader to know about the trading platform and the Forex market thoroughly and moreover develop an understanding of your robot in order to be successful. Although it is ok to lose money in the trading practice it is equally important that you learn from your mistakes so that you can taste success.
Make yourself confident and comfortable with the basis operations of any robot you like to trade with in no time you will find yourself looking up the gain percentage in your charts. The ability to make quick and wise decisions according to the analyzed trends of the market is a very important aspect of the Forex auto pilot. With the knowledge of yours about the market and the software coupled with the technology of the FAPTurbo can actually produce good results. Though the Forex auto pilot has shown much success in the recent times it is possible only for those who understood that it is only a tool to use when trading Forex and the rest of the work should be done by you.

Here are ten tips on what to look for when selecting a forex robot:

1. Look for review sites and forex forums and discussion groups. Look to see how your robot stacks up against other robots. 2. Does the robot, software or the company allow you to, or suggest how you may begin with a small trading account? This way your losses if any will be minimized. 3. Does the company offer a benefits comparison chart? 4. Does the company have a good FAQ page to explain anything that may come up? This shows that the company has thought out the process. 5. How is the customer service for the company set up? Does it appear to be thorough and reachable? 6. Does the company offer paper trading so that you can test the robot software system to ensure that it really works as advertised? 7. Also make sure that the software works with live trading. Most good robots will offer proof of live trading success. 8. Make sure that the company offers a good return policy. You should be looking for at least a 60 day money back guarantee. This should give you ample time to check out the software system. 9. Look for the buzz. If you read a lot of good publicity about a particular software and there's a lot of good chatter going on then chances are it is a good robot. 10. Also look for video testimonials as opposed to written testimonials. If they have both of them, that's good too. Remember seeing is believing and it is a lot harder to get multiple skilled actors to lie on a video. If they look like ordinary people (non actors) and have good things to say, then chances are the software is a good piece of software and the testimonials are more than likely legitimate. 11. And as a bonus tip, does the company offer a loss prevention facet integrated within their forex robots?